Homework is given to consolidate work done during the school day. It also provides an opportunity for parents to gain an insight into some of the work covered in school. Appropriate homework will be given in all classes. 

If homework is a stressful experience between parent and child, something is wrong!  This leads to poor learning and defeats the whole purpose.  Should this happen on a regular basis, please contact the class teacher.  Provide your child’s teacher with information about any areas where your child consistently has difficulties. This may be critical in providing early intervention and support. 

  • Where exceptional circumstances prevent the completion of homework, please send an explanatory note to the teacher. 
  • Your child will be enthusiastic about homework if you are. Have fun with it!!
  • Ways to help your child have a more positive and productive homework time
  • Create a homework/study spot – Choose a quiet area with limited distractions. This will help your child stay focused. 
  • Encourage creativity and imagination – allow your child to think outside the box.
  • Oral / Talking homework is as important as written work. Please listen to your child read and examine spellings/ sounds and tables every night.
  • Ask questions and talk through the homework – when your child gets an answer ask them to tell you how they got it. 
  • Listen to them carefully and if it is wrong, you can pinpoint where they need additional support.
  • Provide positive feedback – words of encouragement can go a long way!
  • Stay calm – if you or your child become frustrated take a break. It is all right to stop working, and then come back to an activity.


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